We are profoundly grateful that this festival denoted as Witkacy 2010 has as its' host Institution, The Washingon Office of the Kosciuszko Foundation under the Presidency and Executive Directorship Dr. Alex Storozynski.

It is argued That the life and work of Witkiewicz and has made the fundamental and the Contribution to the Existence, Meaning and self-expression of generations of Polish Citizens and persons of a creative and reflective inclination Throughout the world.

That albeit this author, artist and intellectual was a noble and decorated Combatant. His life was dedicated to the promotion of new ideas and high Ideals in the intellectual and artistic realm. This, of course, being the sphere of Existence That makes us aware of Both who we are and Where we are in the cosmos. This as we know is as essential to life as the food before us on our tables.

His legacy was to serve Poland well in its post-war fight for freedom and independence.

In keeping with a Consistent and The Principles of the American Constitution and The Bravery and dedication of the Heroes of the American War of Independence in the struggle for the liberty of the continent of America, her people, chattels and Possessions we are proud to announce the commemoration of the life of Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz or 'Witkacy' (1885-1939).

This is a Designated take place During the 125th year Since His birth Between April 29th and May 1st 2010.

Therefore it is Considered Appropriate That and just the life of this great man be commemorated in the environs of Washington DC The font of, freedom, liberty and self expression. It is argued this commemoration That Shall Be Considered an Acknowledgement of this important figure in the Same Way That The United States has Respected Significant contributions of other Poles such as General Pulaski, the Father of the American Cavalry and General Kosciuszko, the Founding Father of West Point.

It Is Intended That this be done in the broader context of a Consideration of the Interplay of the balance of forces Between the 'Individual and Society' and the way in which this theme is illuminated in his work.

It is felt there could not be a more appropriate time or place for a serious Consideration of this theme has indeed occupied great minds as far back in history as Plato and before.

Kevin Anthony Hayes

Artistic Director

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